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Water Damage Restoration Specialists

Nobody wants to experience water damage, but many events are unexpected and impossible to avoid. Once an emergency strikes and you have flooding, a burst pipe, or ceiling damage due to a roof leak, Lighthouse Disaster Services will help with all your water damage restoration needs. We have skilled technicians and 24/7 response times to give you peace of mind that your project gets handled professionally and efficiently. With one call, you set a process that generates guaranteed results.

Response Times Matter

Even slight water infiltration can spell disaster for your interior, personal belongings, and structural elements. Excess moisture morphs into microbial growth and material degradation when left to fester for too long. Lighthouse Disaster Services helps area customers with trusted water damage restoration in Baton Rouge around the clock. We arrive fast to begin assessment, containment measures, and extraction to help return your interior to pre-damage condition. 

Once you contact our offices, we will mobilize a crew of IICRC-certified water restoration specialists to your door. You can expect the following:

  • Detailed explanations of all phases of the water cleanup project. 
  • Implementation of specialized structural drying techniques.
  • Consistent moisture monitoring and adjustment of air-moving equipment and dehumidifiers to achieve our drying goals.
  • Containment barrier installation to help keep water from moving into unimpacted areas of your home.
  • Muck-out services and antimicrobial application for all floodwater and gray or black water situations. 

We Use the Techniques and Tools For Water Damage Restoration

Lighthouse Disaster Services takes pride in offering our customers the latest techniques and industrial-grade tools and equipment. We use pumps and extractors, specialized applied structural drying (ASD) equipment, odor-removal machinery, and powerful fans. Each project is unique, so our crew selects the right combination of tools, products, and equipment to finish the job right the first time.Do you require assistance with water damage restoration and drying in Baton Rouge? Call our Lighthouse Disaster Restoration team 24 hours a day at (225) 369-5228.

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