Baton Rouge Bathroom Water Damage Restoration Services

Lighthouse Disaster Services Water Damage Assistance

Multiple sources in all Baton Rouge homes can generate some water damage, especially in the bathroom. These spaces feature many water-using fixtures, but you also have increased moisture due to regular showers and baths. If you suspect water damage or a hidden leak, calling in professionals is the best way to get to the source of the issue. 

Lighthouse Disaster Services is available in Baton Rouge to assist all property owners facing bathroom water damage. With our skilled restoration technicians and a host of industrial-grade equipment, we ensure you get results and that your life returns to normal quickly.

These are some of the common signs that tell you it is time to call professionals for flood damage restoration:

  • Spike in water bills: Compare your current water bill with others to see if it has skyrocketed or gone up enough that there is a notable difference. A hidden leak may create damage or mold growth beneath your flooring or behind walls.
  • Water stains or discoloration: Many bathrooms will succumb to discoloration or staining from water issues. If you see spots of concern, check the adjoining sides of each wall to see if you have a problem creeping into other rooms. Always call professionals if you see water stains to address the issue promptly and have it cleaned up before the damage spreads.
  • Loose tiles: If you have loose tiles in your shower or bathtub, it could indicate something serious. Professionals can take a look after removing a couple of tiles or using moisture detection equipment to see if degradation is happening beneath the surface. 
  • Foul, musty odors: A common sign of a moisture or water issue in the bathroom is musty, earthy smells. These malodors develop whenever microbial growth evolves, which calls for professional intervention as soon as possible. 

You must contact professional water restoration technicians whenever you suspect water damage or leaks in your bathroom or any other areas of your Baton Rouge home. Lighthouse Disaster Services features a highly-trained team and fast response times so you can have the prompt restoration service you need to get back on track. Contact us when you need us, and we will gather information about your project before mobilizing a team.

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