Lighthouse Disaster Services for Mold Damage Cleanup in Baton Rouge


You will often hear mildew and mold used interchangeably, as they are both organisms known to thrive in moist conditions. However, when either impacts your home, it can drastically differ in how it appears and propagates. The good news is that Lighthouse Disaster Services is the number one team in the Baton Rouge area for all your mold damage remediation needs. 

What is Mold?

Mold is a broad term describing microscopic fungi species known to grow in hyphae (multicellular filaments).

  • Microbial growth thrives on organic matter; paper, fabric, drywall, wood, and cardboard are some standard hosts. It will likely appear in bathrooms, basements, and other spaces with untreated water damage. 
  • There are over 100k mold species that vary in appearance. Some varieties appear gray, green, or black with a slimy, raised, or fuzzy look.
  • Known as burrowing fungi, it can grow inside many porous materials, making elimination difficult. Hiring professionals for remediation is best to get the desired results. 
  • The musty odor stemming from mold is MVOCs or microbial volatile organic compounds. Molds will emit these musty odors, while mildew does not. 

Safely Handling Mold Damage Cleanup in Baton Rouge

Without proper remediation and sanitizing, fungi and mildew continue to spread and grow, leading to material degradation and other hazards. You can ensure the threat gets adequately addressed with help from our skilled Lighthouse Disaster Services team. We carefully assess the situation, clean up existing growth, and perform disinfection to prevent future fungal issues. 

Lighthouse Disaster Services has the training, experience, and knowledge to safely and efficiently handle all mold-related situations to provide the results you deserve. We bring EPA-registered fungicides and antimicrobials and implement safety protocols to protect ourselves and keep spores from becoming airborne and moving into unaffected areas of your home. Once we get done, you can breathe easily in your Baton Rouge property.

We Can Help with Your Insurance Claim

Part of our restoration services includes ensuring all your paperwork is to facilitate your insurance claim. We work with your provider, detailing all aspects of your mold remediation project so everything goes as smoothly as possible. Call us at Lighthouse Disaster Services at (225) 369-5228, and we can gather information about your project. We can have a remediation team at your door ready to work on your mold damage cleanup needs.

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