Skilled Mold Damage Restoration is Best for Walker Properties

Call Lighthouse Disaster Services for Efficient Mold Cleanup

Even the slightest water damage event in your Walker home could create the perfect mold-growing environment. Many also discover a moisture control issue or hidden water leak that brings on microbial growth. How you handle these situations matters, which is where our skilled team at Lighthouse Disaster Services can help. We have trained technicians and all the right equipment to ensure you get the safe, efficient results you deserve after discovering mold damage. Lighthouse Disaster Services provides the highest quality mold damage restoration in Walker.

Mold damage restoration in Walker, carried out by certified remediation technicians, is best for several reasons. To start, Lighthouse Disaster Services brings high-tech equipment, tools, and disinfection agents to execute each microbial-related project quickly. We also follow strict safety protocols, put containment measures in place, and wear all the correct personal protection equipment (PPE) to eliminate hazards and unnecessary exposure during the job. 

Do I Have Black Mold in My Home?

Microbial growth usually develops in water-using spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. When organic food sources are available anywhere that moisture is present, and the temperatures are just right – you could have a mold problem. Regardless of the area of your Walker home that you suspect an issue, our remediation strategies often include:

  • Containment barriers to isolate the work zone and prevent dislodged spores from moving into unaffected areas. 
  • HEPA filtration with our air scrubber technology to pull spores from the air. 
  • Cutting-edge mold remediation techniques to carefully and safely pull up all particulates.
  • Sanitizing the impacted areas with specialized antimicrobials to keep microbial growth from coming back. 
  • Odor control measures to eliminate foul, musty mold and mildew smells.

Trained Mold Damage Restoration in Walker

While mold is all around us, unacceptable levels can develop and cause a problem. Call Lighthouse Disaster Services whenever you require the help of trained technicians to get to the heart of and rectify your issue. We are the top choice for mold damage restoration in the Walker area, available 24/7!

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