Water Damage

Transforming Walker Properties with Water Cleanup Services

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Lighthouse Disaster Services is Available 24/7 When disaster strikes and your Walker property is facing water damage, prompt and efficient cleanup is crucial to minimize further destruction. At Lighthouse Disaster Services, we specialize in providing fast, reliable water cleanup services that not only restore your property but also ensure a seamless recovery process. The Water … Read more

Baton Rouge Water Damage After a Burst Pipe

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Lighthouse Disaster Services is a Restoration Lifesaver Living in Baton Rouge, we’re no strangers to unpredictable weather and the havoc it can wreak on our homes. A burst pipe is every homeowner’s nightmare, turning a cozy abode into a waterlogged disaster zone. The urgency to address water damage is critical, and when it comes to … Read more

Rising Above the Storm: Your Guide to Water and Flood Damage Restoration in Baton Rouge with Lighthouse Disaster Services


Understanding Baton Rouge’s Climate Dynamics Baton Rouge, nestled in the heart of Louisiana, experiences a dynamic and challenging climate. As a resident, you’re familiar with the unpredictability of storms and the consistent threat of heavy rainfall. Baton Rouge’s climate is characterized by a subtropical climate, making it prone to intense rain events and flooding. Before … Read more

Baton Rouge’s Water Damage Restoration Team – Lighthouse Disaster Services

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Water Damage Restoration Specialists Nobody wants to experience water damage, but many events are unexpected and impossible to avoid. Once an emergency strikes and you have flooding, a burst pipe, or ceiling damage due to a roof leak, Lighthouse Disaster Services will help with all your water damage restoration needs. We have skilled technicians and … Read more

Your Baton Rouge Property Deserves Expert Water Damage Cleanup

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Experts in Water Cleanup Services in Baton Rouge The expert water cleanup services at Lighthouse Disaster Services provide prompt water removal and remediation for homes and businesses throughout the Baton Rouge area. With our 24/7 availability and trained technicians, we can bring you the peace of mind you deserve in such a stressful time. Whether … Read more

Water Damage Emergencies Call for Baton Rouge Professionals

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Water Damage Services Throughout Southern Louisiana Life throws curve balls, sometimes as a flood from your broken washing machine or stormwater entering your ground floor after heavy rains. Knowing how to act and who to call makes all the difference, regardless of what happens to your Baton Rouge property. Lighthouse Disaster Services provides quality water … Read more

Baton Rouge Bathroom Water Damage Restoration Services


Lighthouse Disaster Services Water Damage Assistance Multiple sources in all Baton Rouge homes can generate some water damage, especially in the bathroom. These spaces feature many water-using fixtures, but you also have increased moisture due to regular showers and baths. If you suspect water damage or a hidden leak, calling in professionals is the best … Read more

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