Fire Damage

Baton Rouge Fire Board-Up: More Than Covering Windows

Comprehensive Protection When You Need It Most  When a fire strikes, it is crucial to secure your property quickly. Professional fire board-up services in Baton Rouge go beyond just covering windows. Our team here at Lighthouse Disaster Services implements board-up and tarping to ensure your property is fully protected from further damage and unauthorized access.  … Read more

Reliable Fire Damage Restoration in New Orleans

Understanding Smoke Damage and Its Impact When a fire occurs, the damage is not limited to the flames. Smoke and soot can cause substantial harm to your home and belongings. Understanding how fire affects different materials is crucial for effective restoration. The Science of Smoke: How Fire Affects Different Materials Smoke is a complex blend of gasses … Read more

Fire Damage in Your Walker Kitchen? Here’s How to Get Your Life Back on Track.

Feeling overwhelmed after a kitchen fire? You’re not alone. Fire damage restoration, especially in a crucial space like your kitchen, can be stressful. This guide will help you navigate the process and get your kitchen back to its pre-fire glory. What to Expect: Peace of Mind:  Choosing a company like Lighthouse Disaster Services means getting a team … Read more

Restoring Your Fire-Damaged Baton Rouge Home

Improve Techniques for Fire Damage Restoration in Baton Rouge Property owners lose more than possessions once a fire strikes their homes. The emotional toll can be immense, so Lighthouse Disaster Services is here to respond fast with proven techniques and the latest technology. Our technicians understand that even though the fire is out, the damage … Read more

Fire Board-Up Services to Protect Your Baton Rouge Home

Call Lighthouse Disaster Services for Rapid Board-Up Once you have a fire in your Baton Rouge property, you must mitigate all risks to help prevent further damage. Lighthouse Disaster Services responds fast to fire damage emergencies to implement board-up services and tarping to protect your interior. Our rapid response allows our technicians to assess the … Read more

Navigating Fire Damage: DIY vs Professional Restoration in Baton Rouge

If you have questions about fire damage restoration, contact or call our team at 225-369-5228 When the flames subside, the journey to restore your Baton Rouge property begins. However, deciding between DIY fire damage restoration and seeking professional help can shape the outcome. SEOscribe explores the pros and cons, shedding light on the path to a fully … Read more

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