Baton Rouge Fire Board-Up: More Than Covering Windows

Comprehensive Protection When You Need It Most 

When a fire strikes, it is crucial to secure your property quickly. Professional fire board-up services in Baton Rouge go beyond just covering windows. Our team here at Lighthouse Disaster Services implements board-up and tarping to ensure your property is fully protected from further damage and unauthorized access. 

Why Board-Up Services Are Essential 

Your property is vulnerable after a fire. Broken windows, damaged doors, and holes in the roof can lead to additional issues like theft, weather damage, and even pests. Board-up services provide a vital barrier against these threats. 

Comprehensive Board-Up Services 

Board-up services cover all potential entry points and vulnerable areas of your property: 

1. Windows: Professionals use sturdy plywood to cover broken or damaged windows, ensuring they are completely sealed off. 

2. Doors: Damaged doors are boarded up to prevent unauthorized entry. This includes securing both entry doors and any interior doors that may be compromised. 

3. Roofs: Fires often leave holes in the roof. Board-up services include tarping or covering these openings to protect against rain and debris. 

4. Other Structural Vulnerabilities: Any other structural openings or weaknesses, such as garage doors and vents, are also addressed. 

Materials and Techniques 

Our skilled professionals use high-quality materials and secure fastening methods that meet safety standards. Thick plywood is used for windows and doors, while durable, weather-resistant tarps cover roof openings. This action ensures the materials stay in place under various conditions. 

Benefits of Our Board-Up Services 

Rapid board-up services prevent additional damage, deter theft and vandalism, and maintain safety. By securing the property against environmental factors and unauthorized access; they provide peace of mind during a challenging time. 

Call Us at Lighthouse Disaster Services 

For reliable fire board-up in Baton Rouge, call Lighthouse Disaster Services at (225) 369-5228. Our professional restoration services will help return your property to its pre-fire condition. 

We can ensure your property is secure using up-to-code materials and techniques, providing peace of mind during a difficult time.

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