Fire Board-Up Services to Protect Your Baton Rouge Home

Call Lighthouse Disaster Services for Rapid Board-Up

Once you have a fire in your Baton Rouge property, you must mitigate all risks to help prevent further damage. Lighthouse Disaster Services responds fast to fire damage emergencies to implement board-up services and tarping to protect your interior. Our rapid response allows our technicians to assess the situation and select appropriate techniques based on the damages. 

Lighthouse Disaster Services is your number-one team for the fire board-up in Baton Rouge. You can count on us to:

  • Assist with the cleanup of debris and unsalvageable materials.
  • Provide roof tarping services as needed.
  • Secure any broken glass areas using sturdy solutions like window boards.
  • Installation of temporary fencing.
  • Implement reliable temporary access door options that can be locked and secured.

After a fire, boarding offers durable protection from the elements and security from vandalism or illegal entry. When you contact our team for fire cleanup, you can feel confident we will give you added peace of mind with board-up and tarping services. 

We Always Use Reliable, Solid Materials

Multiple options are available when boarding up your property after you experience fire damage. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) assess all risks and select suitable materials and methods to protect your interior from further damage. We are always transparent during the assessment ensuring our clients understand all options and solutions available.

Some things all property owners should know about fire board-up services:

  • Board-ups involve flat board installation to secure entryways and windows to protect the building from the elements, vermin, intruders, and vandalism.
  • We use plywood or other materials to protect compromised structural elements due to fire or first responders gaining access to the home.
  • Not only do we address windows, doorways, and missing sections of walls with board-ups, but we also cover holes in your roofing with tarps. 

Full-Service Fire Restoration Services

Once we handle all initial assessments, risk evaluations, and board-up services, we formulate a plan to restore your Baton Rouge property. With all the working parts of a fire restoration project, our team has processes to address soot, water damage, smoke penetration, and possible hazards. We handle soot-soiled surfaces, smoke-permeated walls, wet carpeting, and contents impacted by residues and soiling. Fire repairs can be extensive, but we have processes to help you return your home to pre-damage condition as soon as possible. 

Fire Board-Up and Restoration When You Need Them Most

Rapid response times and prompt mitigation matters are why Lighthouse Disaster Services is here 24/7 for all emergency restoration calls. We arrive fast at your Baton Rouge home, begin assessment and boarding up, and develop the right course of action to help save you time and money on your overall recovery. Call us day or night at (225) 369-5228, and we can send a crew to your door within hours to get started.

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