The Importance of Fire Board-Up in Denham Springs

Fire Board-Up is a Must in Denham Springs

After a fire in your home, one of the initial steps must be securing emergency fire board-up services. The measure of boarding up adds security for any exposed entryways and broken windows. Tarping also covers roofing holes to help prevent secondary damages from wind, rain, and vandalism. Lighthouse Disaster Services is available for all your fire restoration and board-up needs 24 hours a day!

Saving Money With Fire Board-Up In Denham Springs

Fire board-up after your Denham Springs house fire could save thousands of dollars, and Lighthouse Disaster Services has crews available around the clock to help with restoration efforts. Once you contact our customer care line, we can mobilize technicians and equipment to your property within hours. After arrival and we get the green light from first responders on the scene that your home is safe for entry, we will:

  • Perform a thorough assessment of all fire and soot damage. 
  • Determine all possible safety hazards and structural issues.
  • Board up doorways, windows, and missing walls with plywood.
  • Cover any holes in your roofing with tarps.

Our team does whatever is possible to quickly ensure your premises are protected so we can safely proceed with the fire damage cleanup and restoration process.

We Offer Insurance Assistance

Lighthouse Disaster Services understands that moving through the motions of a fire in your home can be emotionally devastating. We provide unmatched restoration and customer care and are happy to work with your insurance to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible. From when we arrive on your property to protect your interior from the elements to when the last surface gets sanitized, you can feel confident that Lighthouse Disaster Services will do the job right. Call us at (225) 369-5228 for fire board-up and restoration services in Denham Springs, and we can send a team as soon as possible.

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