Baton Rouge DIY vs. Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage


Baton Rouge DIY vs. Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Fire is highly damaging to any property, spreading swiftly and leaving charred debris. Handling the clean-up after a fire is mentally challenging and time-consuming. This is why you need professional intervention to ensure every area is noticed and you can get your Baton Rouge property back to pre-fire condition. Lighthouse Disaster Services is available 24/7 to respond to your home or business to assist with fire damage restoration services.

DIY or Professional Restoration?

Many who attempt DIY fire damage restoration in their Baton Rouge property will find lingering smoke odors or hidden moisture issues. While you may initially think tackling the project alone will save money, you risk secondary damage and having to call in skilled technicians. It will also take much longer to complete the job.

Expert fire damage restoration with Lighthouse Disaster Services may be an investment, but we never stop until your property is back to livable conditions without malodors or lingering issues. We bring professional equipment for fast, efficient results while using our extensive training and proven protocols to achieve our goals. 

Note: It is nearly impossible to eliminate soot and smoke using a DIY approach. Professionals do not only tackle pungent smoke odors and corrosive soot, but we also ensure improved indoor air quality (IAQ). This requires equipment, techniques, and professional cleaning products that have been honed with practice and continuous improvement over time which work together to provide results that far exceed a DIY approach.

Lighthouse Disaster Services is a full-service restoration company. When we receive a call to your property, we will:

  • Thoroughly inspect and assess your property for all damage and potential structural hazards. 
  • Perform board-up and tarping to protect your interior during the cleanup and restoration.
  • Treat all water damage by performing extraction and drying.
  • Carefully remove soot and smoke residues from all surfaces, including building materials, furniture, and contents.

Along with controlled demolition and repair, we take the time to sanitize all surfaces to eliminate microbial growth and deodorize your interior. You can count on a safe living environment for you and any family members after we finish your fire damage project.
Do you need help after a fire in your Baton Rouge property? Call us at Lighthouse Disaster Services, and we can send out a crew for emergency fire damage restoration as soon as possible.

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